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Boat ALTAY A320

Boat ALTAY A320Boat ALTAY A320

"ALTAY A320" is a light version of "ALTAY" series. The reliable construction of the boats is made of a five-layer reinforced PVC (900 g /m2).
The changed shape of the end-tubes with a more optimal angle eases the driving process. Thanks to the modified design of the inflatable bottom it easily goes on gliding, confidently holds the course and develops speed very quickly. The total thickness of the air bottom has been increased, so there is no need to pump the bottom to the maximum. The bottom has improved stability, which is rightly appreciated by the spinners, who often lead fishing while standing. The weight of the complete set is only 35 kg.

Length: 320 cm.,

Width: 169 cm.,

Cockpit length: 217 cm.,

Cockpit width: 75 cm.,

Tube diameter – 47 cm.,

Tube/bottom pressure – 0,24 kgf.

Number of air chambers – 3+1.

Loading capacity: 450 kg.

Passenger capacity: 3 persons.

Weight: 35 kg.

Package dimension: 115x76x29 cm.

Engine power (maximum): 15 HP.

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