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Fishing ice-augers

Telescopic ice auger LR-130T

Telescopic ice auger LR-130TTelescopic ice auger LR-130TTelescopic ice auger LR-130T

Max ice thickness: 1.35 m.

Diameter - 130 mm.

Weight – 2.95 kg.


The main distinction of telescopic ice augers from the classical models is the presence of installed telescopic extender. The extender is installed in the ice auger axis and has four fixed positions of regulation (in 100mm), that allows setting up the depth of drilling according to the thickness of ice – from 1000 mm to 1350 mm. The fixation device is made in the form of collet tightened by a bolt that is screwed through the ice auger axis into the nut welded on the collet. Such construction allows getting maximum strength of compression that saves the coincidence of ice auger handle and screw’s axes. Zinc protective covering of the extension bar provides the resistance to mechanical impact and corrosion. Ice auger LR-130T has counter-clockwise rotation.

High speed of drilling, minimum efforts in combination with remarkable reliability and strength determined the choice of dozens and hundreds of fishermen in Russia and abroad in favour of “Barnaul” ice augers.

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