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Fishing ice-augers

Sport ice auger LR-100S (“Sotka Kazantseva”)

Sport ice auger LR-100S (“Sotka Kazantseva”)Sport ice auger LR-100S (“Sotka Kazantseva”)Sport ice auger LR-100S (“Sotka Kazantseva”)

Max ice thickness: 1.1 m.

Diameter - 100 mm.

Weight – 3.0 kg.


Ice auger LR-100S was developed by Sergey Kasantsev – the famous Russian fisherman specially for using this ice auger at fishing competitions. The basic innovation of sport ice augers is essentially increased length of stem and the number of screw turns. With the help of such ice auger one can make holes up to 800 mm in depth without getting the ice auger out of ice, the maximum drilling depth is 1100 mm. The ice auger has counter-clockwise rotation.


High speed of drilling, minimum efforts in combination with remarkable reliability and strength determined the choice of many sportsmen in fishing not only in Russia but also abroad in favour of “Barnaul” sport ice augers.

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