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Fishing ice-augers

Ice auger "TORNADO-M2 Lady (100)"

Ice auger "TORNADO-M2 Lady (100)"Ice auger "TORNADO-M2 Lady (100)"Ice auger "TORNADO-M2 Lady (100)"Ice auger "TORNADO-M2 Lady (100)"

A female version of the most famous ice augers among anglers TORNADO-M2 (100)”.  It was developed specially for women for using at sport competitions. Upper handle of the ice auger is shifted from the ice auger axis by 105 mm, lower handle is shifted by 165 mm. Such position of the handles allows rotating of the ice auger with two hands simultaneously; thereby the speed of drilling holes in ice increases.

Technical features:

  Diameter of drilling, mm: 100.
  Depth of drilling, mm: till 1355.
  Working length, mm: 1245 - 1845.
  Transport length, mm: 794.
  Weight, kg: 2,75 (±0,2).


The main features of “TORNADO- M2 LADY”:

1. Stable rotating mechanism of folding the handle: the highest safety, full absence of backlashes, absolute coaxiality of spiral and handle.

2. Telescopic extender allows enlarging the drilling depth up to 1355 mm step by step. The extender is coated with polymeric powder paint.

3. Ergonomic handles: firm framework made of plastic is coated with soft plastic which is nice for touching even in bitter cold.

4. The spacing of screw turns is increased by 10% in comparisson with classic models so that it cleans the hole faster from ice, reduces efforts to drill holes and also prevents jamming of the screw.

Counterclockwise rotation.


Ice-auger is completed with standard blades TONAR. It`s also possible to fix semispherical blades Helios which are fully adapted for boring any type of ice, including spring wet ice. If it is necessary, it is possible to fix the blades of  130 mm diameter, that can help to increase the hole`s diameter.




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